Beyond the Peel: Unusual Uses for Bananas

Bananas are really versatile. Not only are they one of the most nutritious things you can eat, packed full of vitamins and minerals, but they have uses beyond just nutrition. Here are a few of the lesser known uses of this incredible fruit! Tenderize Meat Banana leaves have been used for a long time in […]

Which is Better: Fresh or Frozen?

You may believe that fresh fruit and vegetables are better for you than the frozen version, but is that really the case? Fresh fruits and vegetables are packed full of vital vitamins and nutrients, but does that change when a food is frozen? Frozen fruit and vegetables are often more affordable and last a lot […]

Shocking Addictions That Will Surprise You

When most people think of addiction their first thought is directed toward a substance abuse such as drugs or alcohol. That was probably your first thought, wasn’t it? Addiction isn’t always something you put in your body, it can also be to objects. Here are some addictions that may shock you. Smartphones Oh yes, it’s […]

What No One Has Told You About Inflammation

Inflammation isn’t always a bad thing. In fact, it’s your body’s natural way to defend and protect itself when it’s injured or ill. Inflammation can even help your body to protect itself from foreign bodies and also kick start the healing process. Inflammation becomes a problem when it is sustained and chronic – that’s when […]

How to Get Rid of Belly Fat

Typically, when trying to lose weight, many individuals want to get rid of the fat on their stomachs for aesthetic purposes. That’s understandable because a big gut just isn’t attractive! Belly fat, however, is more than just an eyesore, it’s the most dangerous fat you can have on your body. Stomach fat raises the risk […]

How Soda is Harmful to You

It isn’t a secret that soda is just plain not good for you. It is loaded with sugars, unnecessary calories, and an array of harmful chemicals. Sure, this is pretty much common knowledge, but it is important to be aware of exactly how soda is affecting different parts of our body, as well as our […]

Advantages of Running Are Too Many to Ignore

When beginning an exercise routine, many individuals decide to opt out of running as a part of their cardio workout. Many people would prefer stairs, ellipticals, or biking instead of running which is understandable as running can often be a difficult exercise for your body and lungs to adapt to. However, running is one of […]

Collagen: More Than Just Aesthetics

Collagen is often associated with plastic surgery use. Both men and women utilize collagen injections for their lips, knees, faces, and even in the buttocks. Collagen is used to plump and fill the skin, and is used mostly for beauty purposes. Collagen is actually a natural protein found in our own bodies. It is located […]

We’re Crazy About Chiropractic Health

Although the human body is an exceptional work of biological art, our bodies often fall victim to injury, genetic dysfunctions, and the cruelty of aging. We may be able to find some reprieve from our various creeks and cracks we suffer from on a daily basis in the from of chiropractic care. Seeing a chiropractic […]