Why Spending Time Alone Is Healthy

smileThere is a major difference between being lonely and being alone. Obviously, feeling lonely can be quite depressing, and comes with its fair share of health risks, but spending alone time is an entirely different story.

Americans are spending more time alone with themselves than ever before, with statistics showing that 50 percent of American adults are single and 27 million Americans currently live alone. Of course this doesn’t mean there isn’t frequent socializing going on, but it does conclude that there is a lot of down time spent with just ourselves. Don’t worry if you are one of these people, it turns out that quality time with yourself is good for you, both mentally and physically. Below are a few reasons why you should cherish hanging out alone.

You Will Actually have Fun

It turns out that doing things by yourself can actually be just as fun as doing them with other people. Whether it is seeing a movie, going out to dinner or going to a sporting event, having personal experiences without anyone else but yourself can be especially rewarding. Who knew you were so much fun?

It Will Boost Your Creativity

Even though it is comforting to have other people to bounce ideas off of in a group situation, it turns out that most people are the most creative when working by themselves. Whether this is because there are certain insecurities that come with expressing personal ideas to a group, research proves that most ideas are thought up when people are away from the group environment.

You Work Harder

Along the same lines as becoming more creative, you will also become more driven if you are working on something alone. You only have yourself to rely on in these situations, so you either have to get it done or it won’t get finished. This will cause you to troubleshoot and brainstorm more efficiently, making you to get the task at hand done better than if you had someone else working with you.

Introverts Need It

If you are a more introverted person by nature, then you already appreciate your alone time. It can emotionally take a lot out of you to spend time with others, even if you are enjoying it. Spending time alone helps you refuel and get mentally prepared for the next hang out session.

You Might Even Meet Someone

Partaking in activities alone automatically opens you up to meeting new people. If you are always doing things with close friends, there is no need to talk to anyone else, but by being alone you will naturally seek out people to communicate with, even if it is only for the moment. 

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