Whiten Your Teeth With These Unexpected Tips

smileWe all want to put our best foot forward in any situation. Most of the time when we meet someone new we greet them with a smile, a way of showing that right off the bat you mean well. Since we are seemingly flashing our teeth more often than not, it would be ideal to have them be at their optimal potential. For many of us this means the whiter the better. An easy (but expensive) fix is undergoing teeth whitening procedures at your dental office, yet not everyone is up for that.

The effects of teeth whitening can be painful, making all that trouble and money spent not worth it in the end. The good news is that there are many ways to get your teeth looking pearly white without undergoing those potentially dangerous teeth whitening procedures. Below are some unexpected ways you can get your teeth whiter and more beautiful.

Switch Up Your Floss

I know, flossing is the hardest part of your dental routine to keep up with. Flossing every night is what makes the difference between okay teeth and amazing teeth. Not only does it clean them up, but if you are using the right floss, it can make them whiter. There is such a thing as whitening floss, and using it every night will make a significant impact on your teeth. This will help prevent gum disease, as well as give you a brighter smile.

Change Up Your Tooth Brush

Most people keep using their tooth brushes way beyond their expiration date. As a rule of thumb replace your tooth brush every two to three months. This is due to the build up of bacteria that clings to your brush’s bristles, causing you to brush it into your mouth. It is also good to change your brush out because sometimes they can get worn down, making the brushing less efficient. This applies to electric tooth brush heads as well. 

Some Foods May Help Boost Whitening 

Most of us know that coffee, tea, soda and even some juices can stain our teeth, causing them to look yellowed or brown over time. However, there are some high-fiber foods that actually help whiten in teeth, instead of staining them a nasty color. Apples, spinach, broccoli, carrots and celery all contribute to a whiter smile. These foods are also great for your health, so feel free to indulge. 

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