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Although the human body is an exceptional work of biological art, our bodies often fall victim to injury, genetic dysfunctions, and the cruelty of aging. We may be able to find some reprieve from our various creeks and cracks we suffer from on a daily basis in the from of chiropractic care.

Seeing a chiropractic specialist, especially on a regular basis, can help to correct and prevent a number of issues that plague us. 

Chronic Pain

The main use of chiropractic medicine is to help treat chronic pain issues such as sciatica, neck, and back pain. Pain in these areas can be caused by injury from sports or vehicle accidents, as well as pinched nerves or joint pain due to aging. Regular adjustments with a chiropracter can help to immediately relieve this pain, and help to ease chronic pain long term. 

Reduces Headaches

Seeing a chiropracter can be very helpful for treating issues such as frequent tension headaches or migraines. Patients who participated in frequent chiropractic sessions noted a significant decrease in pain intensity of their headaches, as well as how often the headaches occurred. There are very few other treatments that can help to ease an indivudal’s frequent headaches like chiropractic intervention can.

Greater Neurological Health

Frequent chiropractic visits have shown to benefit overall brain health in a number of patients. Recent MRI evidence is showing that chiropractic adjustments help to increase blood flow and cerebral spinal fluid. Researchers have also found that adjustments are reversing issues with the cerebellum dropping below the skull, as well as a decrease in brain plaquing. These are extremely exciting developments in the world of chiropractic medicine. 

This form of treatment could be perfect for individuals looking for medical help without the use of medication. If you find yourself suffering from issues such as headaches, chronic pain, or just want to explore options for a higher quality of life, visiting a chiropractor might be the right choice for you. 

If you feel that chiropractic care is out of reach or too expensive, think again. The Joint Chiropractic offers a convenient and affordable way for you to recieve chiropractic care. The Joint Chiropractic provides care with no referral necessary, and walk-ins are always welcome. Your first visit and adjustment is only $19, and on-going visits can be as low as $12.25 per visit! So if you feel you can benefit from chiropractic adjustments, don’t hesitate to visit your local The Joint Chiropractic today!

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