Understanding Your Libido

kissingAs a society, we love to categorize things as being normal or abnormal. When there are gray areas it seems to make people uncomfortable, especially when talking about sexuality. When it comes to our libidos, there really is no normal. The media would like you to think it is as easy as your partner giving you that special look and suddenly things are in full swing.

The truth is that there are seemingly a million factors that interfere with your sex hormones, such as schedule, sleep, diet, exercise, medications and stress, to name a few. With all these different factors playing a role in libido, the question shouldn’t be how to tell if something is normal, but how to tell if something is wrong. Below are a few ways to help you understand why your hormones are the way they are.

Low Libido

If you find that sex is not a priority in your life, then you probably have a low libido. This may be the cause of many different things, with psychological problems being one of them. If you are depressed your hormones are definitely going to be out of wack, especially if you are taking antidepressant medication. These prescriptions are shown to lower libido, with some even causing impotence. Hormones play a huge role in affecting sex drive. With women it is tougher to decipher which ones are the cause of the low libido, but in men it is linked to low testosterone. The stress that comes along with this will not help the situation. In fact, the stress of a troubled relationship, a new baby or other life issues will more than likely put a damper on your hormones.

High Libido

Debatably more manageable than a low sex hormones, having a high libido may be the result of a number of things. Some people use sex as a way to manage their stress and anxiety. It acts as a release, just like some people would use alcohol or drugs. If sex is all you can think about throughout the day, and you are acting on it accordingly, then you may have hypersexual disorder. If your sexual thoughts are interfering and negatively affecting you or someone else’s life then you may be suffering from this condition. If you feel like you are mentally stable, yet your hormones are still firing incoreectly, you may want to evaluate if you are taking any medications that may be enhancing your libido. Stimulants are known to cause hormones to sky rocket, both illegal and legal, such as certain weight loss medications.

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