Understanding Your Body After Having a Baby

momIt can be a little disconcerting when you see new celebrity moms looking like they are in good enough shape to run an Iron Man just a few months after giving birth. Meanwhile, you are still wearing your maternity clothes and can barely find time to shower, let alone hit the gym. There is definitely an adjustment period with your body after having a baby, and although you will tone up and get back in shape, there are just some things that are going to be different for a while, if not permanently. Don’t worry, this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. This new bod comes with the territory of being a mommy, so you might as well embrace it. 

The Swelling Won’t Go Away As Soon As You Would Like

One of the most annoying parts of being pregnant is all the swelling. It seems like your whole body swells up, making you almost unrecognizable. This is especially noticeable in your legs, ankles and feet. If you think this is going to go away after the baby is born you are going to be disappointed. The swelling might even become a little worse for a few weeks after birth since the blood from the uterus will collect in the tissues of your lower extremities for a while. 

Your Lady Parts Are Going To Hurt For A While

Most women experience tearing during child birth. This occurs in the perineum and can either happen during childbirth, or before hand when a doctor cuts it in order to make way for the baby. Either way, stitches are needed after labor to repair the damage. This will leave you feeling sore for quite some time after childbirth, taking about six weeks to heal completely. Be aware that the pain can become more intense a few days after labor, but should begin to finally decrease within that first week. 

Stretch Marks Are A Permanent Battle Scar

Your body changes so rapidly and extremely when you become pregnant that most likely your skin is going to stretch pretty quickly. This causes stretch marks and they pop up in all the places you wouldn’t want them to- your stomach, booty, breasts and legs. The good thing is that they do fade, but they will never go away completely. Instead of dwelling on the scars (and spending hundreds on bunk creams), just view them as a symbol of how resilient your body is and that it can create beautiful things.

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