Tips to Help You Lose Weight While on Vacation

vacationWhen most people go on vacation they think of it as a time to indulge. This usually includes shopping, activities, and, most importantly, eating and drinking. The last thing you want to think about is having to get in your work out or counting calories.

This is all good and fun in the moment, but when you get home and finally step back on that scale to check the damage, the consequences can be overwhelming. Yes, it is important to cut loose and have fun during your vacation, but it is important to keep your health a priority during the good times. It is even possible to take it to the next level and lose weight during your holiday. This doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice all your fun, it’s just about being mindful in the midst of it all. Below are a few ways to keep off the weight and still enjoy your time on vacation.

Eat Clean

If you are traveling to a tropical location then it is important to take advantage of the nutritious, clean resources that you will be surrounded by. Eating fresh fruit and veggies along side grilled proteins is almost a foolproof way to watch the pounds drop off. Most likely in warm, tropical weather you won’t be wanting to eat a lot of heavy, fatty foods anyway, so feel free to indulge in the local faire. Embrace the outdoor environment as well by going on daily walks, swimming, water sports and even jogs on the beach if you feel up to it.

Stay Active

Like I mentioned above, participating in outdoor activities is one of the best ways to drop pounds during a vacation. Most people want to relax during their time off, which is totally understandable, however, relaxation doesn’t necessarily need to be associated with being sedentary. Bike rides, hikes,walks and yoga are all great ways to clear your mind while staying moving. Just remember, not only does staying active burn calories, but it will also allow you to indulge a little more at meal time. 


Nothing causes weight gain like stress. Not only does stress cause you to want to eat more, but it keeps the weight on your body too, making it harder to lose. The great thing about being on vacation is that it is an opportune time to let the normal stresses of the day fall on the wayside and clear your mind. If you can allow yourself to calm down and relax, then you will allow your body to let go of some of that extra weight. 

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