These Foods May Be Making You Sleepy

cherriesHave you ever experienced a food coma? You know, that feeling you get after eating a big, heavy meal that leaves you unable to do anything more than unbutton your jeans and lay uselessly on the couch. Most of us get this after eating a holiday meal or going out to a big, fancy dinner with your parents (their treat), but sometimes this happens after a supposedly healthy meal, making you wonder why you feel so exhausted.

There are some foods that are actually predisposed to making us feel sleepy, no matter how healthy the preparation. This may be what is setting you back after you take your lunch, or why you just make bring yourself to going to get that after dinner drink with your pals. Below are some of these sleep-inducing foods, so you can stay away from them when you want to feel more active after a meal.


I guess carbo-loading is out the window. It turns out it was all a lie. Well, I shouldn’t say that, some carbohydrates can give you an initial burst of energy to start off your day or pick you up from that afternoon slump, but they have to be the right kind. Pastas made with refined carbs can spike your blood sugar, causing your insulin levels to drop shortly after, bringing on a bout of fatigue. This isn’t just limited to pasta either, it applies to your morning bagel and muffin too. Stay away from super starchy, sugary carbs in order to keep your energy up.


The perfect, portable breakfast? Say it ain’t so! It turns out that this potassium-rich tropical fruit is also high in magnesium, a mineral that also doubles as a sleep aid. Instead, make these heart-healthy fruits your after-dinner dessert, instead of relying on it for energy in the AM.

Red Meat

I guess I do always want to curl up in the booth of the steakhouse after polishing off a ribeye. This is due to the high fat content of most red meats. Not only does it physically make you feel weighed down, but your body has to work harder to break down the fat. This means spending more energy during the digestion process, provoking the feeling to want to take a nap.


Who knew that cherries made for the perfect midnight snack? These mini stone-fruits serve as a natural melatonin source, which both improves your sleep quality and quantity. If you are one of those people hoping on the tart cherry juice trend, be sure to drink your beverage at night. It may help put you to bed easier. 

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