The Power Of Music


We all know the feeling: that incredible, mood-changing power of your favorite tune. What was a grumpy, disconcerted attitude gives way to a calm, relaxed feeling as you finger-drum to that sweet-sounding beat.

And there’s more to music than its ability to perk us up during a dreadful day. According to Marc Neikrug, a composer of contemporary classical music, music is “much more powerful than you imagine.”  

Niekrug, who has performed in the New York Philharmonic and Boston Symphony Orchestra, wrote his composition, Healing Ceremony, with healing as a definite focus.

“I started thinking about people who get sick — not just cancer — but anytime someone finds out from their doctor that something is really wrong with them,” he told The Huffington Post. “I thought about the power music has over people; I wanted to write something that would change how your body feels — helping you calm down, handle stress, get in touch with inner feelings and inner thoughts.”

The composer has lived on a Pueblo reservation in Santa Fe, New Mexico for more than two decades, and has implemented certain elements of the Pueblo reservation’s healing ceremony into his music to bring about calmness and relaxation for the listeners of his music.

Healing Ceremony was initially created with the intent of soothing cancer patients, but Neikrug realized it impacted people dealing with all kinds of trouble, including emotional stress. Your kind of music “is an antidote to your stressful feelings,” he said.

In fact, the right beat can help decrease your blood pressure and slow down your pulse: studies have shown that music has a wide range of physical health and mental health benefits. Many studies further show that listening to your favorite jams lowers blood pressure, reduces anxiety and even reduces the intensity of which we feel pain.

So the next time you need a moment to tune out the stresses of the world and tune in to something more relaxing, remember the immense power music can have on your well-being.

“People should be much more conscious of the power that music has upon all of them — meaning your body and everything that’s going on inside of you,” Neikrug suggests. “It’s not just, ‘Oh this is cool — it makes me want to dance’– it’s much more complicated than that.”


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