The Odd Reasons Behind Your Constipation Issues

toiletAlthough not a widely talked about subject, constipation is an issue that one in four Americans are dealing with every day. We all know by now that it is important to keep a high fiber diet, drink lots of water, exercise and go whenever the urge strikes, in order to keep a regular bowel movement schedule. However, there are other, more unknown reasons as to why you might be feeling a little backed up most of the time. Below are some the these more unanticipated reasons, along with some advice to get your back in the bathroom on a regular basis.


Problems with your thyroid can create a lot of havoc on your body. It is responsible for the function of your metabolism, which can definitely affect your bowel movements. If your thyroid is particularly slow, then you’re not going to be going as much as you should be. This condition can be called hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism can cause the intestinal tract to slow down, causing the stool to take an extra long time to pass through. Treating your condition with medications will in turn help with your constipation. 


Although depression can take a mental and physical toll on you, the way you change your habits while depressed may also have an effect on your bodily functions. If you are suffering from depression, most likely you aren’t going to be exercising or being as active as you should be. You may also be eating less or overeating the wrong types of foods. These factors all combine to make a bad situation for your digestive system. Getting your head back into a better place is the first step into correcting the problem. Therapy, medications, a balanced diet and exercise can all help. 


Sometimes if you are prescribed certain medications they can have constipation as a side effect. Most painkillers, specifically opioids and narcotics, can back you up big time by slowing down all the systems in your body, including your intestinal tract. Talk to your doctor if you think your medications are affecting your bowel movements. Either different prescriptions can be provided or laxatives may be of service.

Vitamins and Supplements

Taking vitamins are a great way to supplement your health. Just be careful if you are taking calcium and/or iron. Both are known to facilitate constipation. Adding more fibrous foods to your diet should easily fix this issue. 

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