The Many Benefits of Kale

Are you getting your daily dose of leafy greens?  Along with spinach, kale is a powerhouse food that can provide you with a host of health benefits.  Even if you’re not a fan of the taste, you can still reap the benefits by blending it into a fruit smoothie.  Check out all these benefits that kale has to offer:

Lowers Cholesterol – the fiber compounds in kale bind together with stomach bile, thus making it easier for bile acids to be excreted and the result is a lowered cholesterol level.

Helps Prevent Cancer – kale helps to prevent bladder, breast, colon, ovary, and prostate cancer.  Kale’s isothiocyanates (ITCs) help to reduce the risk of these types of cancer.

KaleDetoxification – kale supports the body’s natural detoxification process.  Its ITCs promote detox at a genetic level.

Anti-Inflammatory – the 45 different flavonoids in kale help to decrease inflammation.

Whether you like it steamed or in a smoothie, kale hosts an array of health benefits that you should take advantage of.  Grab some of these superfood and eat healthy!



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