The Knee Information Every Runner Should Know

runningRunning has a bad reputation. Yes, it is a great cardiovascular activity. Yes, it is one of the most efficient ways to lose weight. Yes, it is a great exercise for the heart. But, there is one thing that steers many people away from ever giving it a go, and that is the heal of the knees.

For some reason running has become known as being an exercise that destroys the knees. In reality, there is not any proof that long term runners experience knee damage. Actually, most of the time when some who regularly jogs has knee pain, it is due to something else occurring in the body causing the knee problem. In order to better understand your knee troubles, below are some key things every runner should know about their knees.

Arthritis Can Happen To Anyone

Just because you are a runner, that does not mean that you have more of a chance of getting knee arthritis than someone who does not run. Studies actually have proven quite the opposite. A long term study tracked people who ran and who did not run over a period of eighteen years. At the end of the study, the research showed that twenty percent of the runners developed arthritis, compared to thirty two percent of the non-runners.

Age Doesn’t Matter

It is true that as you get older, the more likely you will lose cartilage in your knees (as well as other parts of your body). However, running does not contribute to that cartilage loss. Research found that starting on a running exercise regiment actually improved the health of knee cartilage, despite the age that the individual began running. This has led researchers to believe that moderate running reduces the risk of developing knee arthritis.

Do Not Buy Into The Supplement Hype

Unfortunately, there are no supplements on the market that will help you grow more knee cartilage. A two year study tested a certain vitamin D supplement on people with knee arthritis and found that they had the same results as people who did not take the supplement. Glucosamine, although will not create more cartilage, may help protect against osteoarthritis and joint lubrication.

Runner’s Knee Is Not Usually Caused By Running

Chondramalacia patella is the technical term for runner’s knee, a condition where the cartilage under the kneecap becomes inflamed. Many medical professionals believe that people who come down with this condition usually suffer from other disorders such as weak hips, glutes and/or quadriceps, which can cause disorders with the kneecap. Usually strength training exercises can alleviate the problem.

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