The Health Benefits of Tai Chi

tai chi 11.4.09

Tai Chi is a type of exercise that has recently become extremely popular for managing and relieving neck and back pain. Tai Chi is a type of slow moving exercise that dates back to ancient China and is still practiced around the world as an effective healing method.

Tai Chi Basic Elements

While there are some who still dispute the specific origins of Tai Chi, there are many facts surrounding the technique that remain constant. This type of exercise emulates the types of motions and the ideas that are behind the Chinese martial art, which is called Tai Chi Quan. This requires those who practice the exercise to be calm and tranquil, which is accomplished by soft and slow movements. Modern Tai Chi is based on this ancient art; however, it is now utilized to attain various healing qualities, instead of combative awareness.

There are some other benefits of the Tai Chi technique, which are beneficial for back health. This includes being different from the jarring nature of aerobic activities and more movement than yoga. The movements are deliberate and slow, providing superior benefits.

Components of Tai Chi

There are three main components of Tai Chi, which include:

  • Movement: The fluid and slow movements of Tai Chi help to improve your body’s strength, alignment, strength, posture, stamina, balance and coordination. There are many benefits of this exercise that are actually consistent with some other types of low impact exercises, however actually focus on balance, alignment and posture.
  • Breathing: The focused and rhythmical breathing that is used during Tai Chi will help to emphasize your relaxed body and increase circulation. During Tai Chi, oxygenated blood can more easily flow to your brain and muscles.
  • State of mind/meditation: When you reach the meditative state that Tai Chi provides, combined with the proper movement and breathing, it can enable you to dissipate any anxiety and stress that may be present. Additionally, it can help to relieve all types of physical pain (such as back pain), as well as emotional and psychological issues.

Tai Chi Benefits

There are many health and well-being, benefits that are associated with Tai Chi, such as –

  • Body Posture: Tai Chi helps teach the body not to round the shoulders and hunch over. Better posture keeps the spine healthier.
  • Balance and Cordination: The moves in Tai Chi are slow yet engage in the core. They help improve balance through moves that lift one leg up while extending other limbs, as well as switching from one leg to another during positions.
  • Tones and Strengthens Muscles: Tai Chi helps build muscle tone through its gentle and user-friendly workout.
  • Stress Reducer: Tai Chi is an exercise that requires mental focus. It helps relax the mind and put it in a meditative states. Individuals will feel less anxious overall after a workout.

The use of Tai Chi is adopted by many chiropractors and physical therapists for individuals suffering from serious back or neck pain. This is because it is an inexpensive method of treatment, which is not invasive and extremely gentle on the pain you are experiencing. Additionally, there is no requirement for special or expensive equipment to complete the exercises, which makes it appealing for anyone who may not have large amounts of money to help relieve the pain in their back that is experiencing.


Always consult your chiropractor or primary care physician for all your health related advice.


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