The Dangers of Lipstick

Do you like having shiny, colorful lips?  If you’re someone who can’t leave the house without applying a fresh coat of lipstick, there some not-so pretty facts that you should know about your favorite lip makeup.

A recent study performed by UC Berkeley found some potentially dangerous materials in some popular brands of lipstick.  Among these items, Lead, Cadmium, Chromium, Aluminum, and five other metals were found lurking in lipstick.  Excessive intake of these materials could cause chromium to be ingested, which can potentially lead to stomach tumors.  Lead was also found in concentrations of many popular brands of lipsticks.

The Food and Drug Administration does not currently regulate lipstick, but according to the study, exposure to these metals in minimal doses may not cause damage.  Use these products in moderation and you can stay healthy while looking your best.


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