The Benefits of Colloidal Silver

silver coinsIt may seem strange that ingesting a metal would be beneficial to your health, but in the case of colloidal silver, there are multiple ways that the metallic substance can help heal the body. I was completely uneducated on the liquid silver until my cousin, who swears by it, started telling me how she had noticed a boost in her immune system since she had began taking it. Her advice intrigued me, and since I still wasn’t sure exactly what it was or what it really did to the body, I decided to do some research. 

Colloidal silver is usually taken orally, although it can also be injected or used topically. It is basically tiny silver particles mixed with a liquid, which I imagine is because it is easier to take something in liquid form rather than as a solid. Even though there is skepticism surrounding the supplement, there are many reports supporting the benefits of colloidal silver. I found that there are three major ways that it can be useful to the body.

Silver naturally aids in catalytic oxidation, which basically helps in ridding the body of pollutants. The silver attracts oxygen molecules that help block the process of cellular respiration, which stops bacteria and viruses from growing in the body. Colloidal silver also reacts with bacterial cell membranes by attaching directly to them. This stops their growth by converting biochemical energy from nutrients into ATP, which then releases the remaining waste from the body. It also can stop the spread of bacteria by entering the bacteria’s DNA, hindering the cells from replicating. These processes have a direct effect on the healing process of the body. Below are a few ways that colloidal silver specifically helps the body repair itself.

Antibacterial Properties

Silver has an amazing way of destroying bacteria. It is so strong that studies show it has the power to fight off “superbugs” that are resistant to antibiotics. The reason it is so effective is because the bacterial organisms are unable to build up a resistance to the colloidal silver. 

Topical Healing

Used as a topical treatment, colloidal silver has the ability to heal the epidermis, specifically when it is affected by burns and rashes. Since colloidal silver is an anti-fungal, it can also help heal fungal infections such as ringworm

Clearing Infections

Silver may be useful when experiencing an eye or ear infection by the way it disposes of the infected cells. By applying the silver directly to the infection, the silver particles attract the diseased cells through an electromagnetic process and send them into the bloodstream where they are then destroyed. 

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