Surprising Headache Causes and How to Fix Them

Headache coming onIf you are plagued with headaches on a daily basis, the problem is most likely your routine and habits. Instead of making aspirin part of your daily diet, try tweaking your habits for instant relief. If you still experience chronic headaches even after changing up your routine, please consult your primary care physician.

The Tech Neck Habit

Are you attached to your cell phone? Chances are it could be the cause behind your painful headaches. If you cradle the phone between your ear and neck or tilt your head forward to read text messages, you are developing what is commonly known as tech neck. You are forcing your neck to be in an unnatural position, which can lead to neck pain and headaches. To fix this problem, use a hands-free device and hold your phone eye level when reading the screen.

Your Chair Doesn’t Provide Enough Back Support

Most office chairs are made for men who are 5’8. If you are shorter than that, the chair may not be supporting your back, as it should be. A chair with poor back support plus many hours on the job could lead to back pain and headaches. Try finding a better chair or rolling up a towel and placing it behind your lower back for better support.

Your Caffeine Habit

Those who drink more than two cups of coffee a day will usually get withdrawal headaches if they don’t get that same fix every day. Try to cut your caffeine habit and drink more water.

Too Much Screen Time

You could be giving yourself headaches from too much screen time, whether it be the computer screen or television screen. You can avoid the tension headaches from too much screen time by taking a break every twenty minutes or so to look at an object twenty feet away. Also, you can purchase an antiglare screen protector for your computer to help minimize the flickering screen.

Your Heavy Bag

Studies have found that individuals are more at risk for back pain, neck pain, and headaches if they carry more than ten pounds in one bag on their shoulder. The extra weight on one side causes misalignment on that side which will lead to pain. Lighten up your load and consider a backpack that can be worn across both shoulders.

There are so many little things in our every day lives that can cause horrible headaches. Make small changes in your everyday routine to get rid of headaches for good. Also, try adjusting the lights and smells in your home and work area for more headache relief.


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