Stay Fresh for Your Flight

PlaneI don’t know about the rest of you, but I hate flying. I do everything I can to avoid it, but sometimes it’s just not possible; boats aren’t really my thing either. It seems to be common for individuals to get sick during or after a flight, as well as just being generally grouchy and uncomfortable. It’s time to get smart before a flight, and prepare yourself either for a short forty-five minutes or a long fourteen hours. 

There are a lot of beneficial items you can stock up on before you travel. If you find yourself needing some rest on the plane, invest in a neck pillow. Not only will it help you rest easier, you can avoid having to use pillows provided by the airline that aren’t as comfortable, or as clean. It’s common on long flights to lose a bit of circulation in your legs, if you’re prone to blood clots this could be an even more severe issue for you. Bring slippers or sandals you can put on to avoid the tightness of tennis shoes or heals. Be sure to get up and walk around when the pilot permits you too as well. Bring on high protein snacks like almonds, protein bars, or trail mix. That way you’re not starving, or slamming down on the sugary snacks they may be providing on the plane. 

Prepare your physical self before the flight as well. Eat and drink a lot of vitamin C rich items to build your immune system. You’re cooped up in a metal tube with at least fifty other people, have another glass of orange juice. Whatever meal you eat before the flight, make sure it’s full of fiber and proteins, and drink a lot of water as well. Unless you are going to a wedding on a plane, or just don’t have time to change into your business casual, be sure to wear loose-fitting comfortable clothes. Before boarding, put on clothing that won’t constrict you while you sit down, and wear layers to anticipate any sort of climate change when you land. Wear shoes that are easy to get on and off, especially if you have to take more than one flight. Shoes you can easily slip on and off will help to ease that panic you feel as you rush through security. 

The main advice I have for you is to stay hydrated, whether that be with water or a drink rich in vitamin C and low in unnecessary sugars. Flights don’t have to be all bad, and being a prepared flyer can actually make them enjoyable… well bearable. 

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