Pregnant Women Get Back At It With Pooler Chiropractic Care

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During a woman’s pregnancy, low back pain is unfortunately a common occurrence. But could chiropractic care perhaps express some relief for these mothers-to-be?

A study from 2013 looked at whether a multimodal approach of musculoskeletal and obstetric management (MOM) was better at treating standard obstetric care for the reduction of pain, impairment, and disability during pregnant women’s antepartum period.

With the use of a prospective, randomized trial, the study used 169 pregnant participants; initial examination occurred at 24-28 weeks’ gestation, while follow-up occurred at 33 weeks’ gestation. The main outcomes achieved were the Numerical Rating Scale (NRS) for pain along with the Quebec Disability Questionnaire (QDQ). All the female participants received consistent obstetric care, while chiropractic experts administered manual therapy, stabilization techniques, and patient education to MOM study subjects.

Through consistent therapy during the study’s duration, the MOM group showed significant decreases in Numerical Rating Scale scores and Quebec Disability Questionnaire scores between the first and last evaluations, indicating a general feeling of less site-related pains and discomforts following chiropractic. The group that was administered standard obstetric care didn’t show such substantial improvements.

In conclusion, a multimodal approach for low back and pelvic pain involving chiropractic care during mid-pregnancy helps patients more than contemporary obstetric care.

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