Obesity and Exercise Rates on the Rise

The good news is that studies show more Americans are making exercise a part of their regular routine.  This sounds great, but obesity rates are also on the incline.  While many of us are trying to be more active by incorporating physical activity into our lifestyles, the bad news is that obesity rates aren’t being affected by this increase in exercise.

In fact, obesity rates have increased in all counties.  Researchers suggest that more aggressive measures must be taken.  While exercise is great for our overall health, diet is important too.  Working out is merely one part of the wellness lifestyle.  To limit obesity, both exercise and a nutritious diet must be implemented.  The largest increase in obesity rates occurred in the southern states, including West Virginia and the MisObesitysississippi valley region.  On the other hand, the largest increases for activity occurred in California, Kentucky, Florida, and Georgia.

Although this increase in activity helped to decrease the occurrence of heart disease, it has done little to decrease obesity rates.  To be holistically healthy, you must exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet.


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