No A/C, No Problem

sweatingMy apartment doesn’t have central air. It doesn’t even have an air conditioning unit. I have two ceiling fans and wide-opening windows, which is usually enough for California’s predominately Mediterranean climate, but during the dog days of summer, “sweltering” is sometimes the only word to describe my living space.

Trying to fall asleep in those conditions is next to impossible. I used to try to cool myself down for bed by laying on my tile floor with ice packs strewn across my body, trying to move as little as possible. However, as comfortable as that was, there are better ways to beat the summer heat before hitting the hay. Below are some of these old school and new school do-it-yourself ways to stay cool on those summer nights.

The Fabric of Our Lives

Natural fibers are the most breathable kind, especially cotton. Wear shorts and shirts made from this cooling fabric in order to maximize your cool down potential. If you have anything besides cotton sheets on your bed, strip them off and switch them up with the more ventilated bedding. Using silk, polyester or any other man-made fabric will only heat things up, and not in a good way.

Freeze Your Dreams

It can be particularly difficult to fall asleep in the heat of the summer night. Taking off all your bedding except the bottom sheet can help some people stay cool, but if you are like me, than you need some sort of covering in order to go to sleep, even if it is just a top sheet. In order to stay cool despite needing a cover, put your sheets in the freezer for 10-15 minutes before bed, giving you an initial cool down while you drift off. 

Get Out The Hot Water Bottle

I know, the last thing you would think about using during the summer season is a hot water bottle. However, as much as it can help during the winter months, it can do you some good in the summer. Fill it up with water, freeze it in the freezer, or just get it cold in the refrigerator depending on your preference, and bring that baby to bed with you. Let this ice pack be your new cuddle buddy.

Ditch the Nightgown and Go Casual 

If going commando isn’t your thing, then sorting out your summer sleepwear is crucial. It may seem like common sense, but wearing looser clothes to bed is better. My favorite pajama combination is undies and a big, oversized tee shirt. 

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