Mysterious Diet Trends That Actually Work

fruitI know what you are thinking, “Another diet trend, really?” It may seem like there are new fad diets constantly popping up all over the media, most which end up just being a bunch of bunk in the end, but every once in a while there is something that actually works. Surprisingly, the weight loss programs that seem to actually help people drop the pounds are  the ones that are not as well known. Below are some of these more unknown diet plans that are all results and no hype.

Acid Alkaline Diet

Don’t worry, this one is not as scary as it sounds. The acid alkaline diet requires that you eat foods that keep your body’s pH balance even keeled. This means consuming a lot of fruits and veggies, while steering clear of preservatives, sweeteners and any other unnatural food chemicals. Like any diet, be prepared to ditch the junk food, and say goodbye to red mean, as the rule are pretty strict. However, in addition to the produce, you will be filling up on sprouts, lentils, tofu and almonds (among other healthy goodies). Aside from weight loss, the acid alkaline diet is said to improve longevity, making it worth abiding by all the rules.

The Three Hour Diet

No, this doesn’t men that the whole diet only lasts three hours (but how cool would that be?). The three hour diet actually means that for every three hours that you are awake you should be eating something. Don’t get too excited, this doesn’t mean that for every time marker you get a slice of pizza or a cheeseburger, there are rules and regulations to what you can and can not eat. Eating small portions of food throughout the whole day, instead of three big meals, keeps the metabolism up and blood sugar levels even. Portion control is key with this diet, although you shouldn’t be feeling hungry on this one.

Dukan Diet

Not to be confused with the Duncan diet (which is just something I made up that consists of eating solely Duncan donuts- hey, I can dream), the Dukan diet is said to be able to enable people to lose ten pounds a week, when done correctly. The basis of this diet is to limit carbs, while taking twenty minute or longer walks in order to accelerate fat burn. As you probably guessed, this is a strict diet that consists of different phases, all which need to be followed closely. However, for ten pounds a week, it is worth a shot. 

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