Learn How Healthy Eaters Lose Those Stubborn Unwanted Pounds

veggiesI have found that my body has adjusted to a point where it just won’t drop anymore weight. It’s like it has decided on its own that no matter what I eat or don’t eat, it doesn’t matter. It’s going to stay the same, regardless. This doesn’t mean that I am overweight, or that I even really need to lose any, but I would happily drop an extra five pounds if my body would stop being so stubborn. I eat healthy, workout three or four times a week and I rarely indulge in junk food or sweets. So, what is a heathy girl supposed to do? Below are some steps already healthy eaters can take in order to slim down.

Learn How Many Calories You Really Need

Most of us take advice from generalized information. Most people assume that they need to eat about 2,000 calories a day to be healthy, however, not every person is the same, and the calories need to be adjusted accordingly. Yes, you may be medically healthy eating 2,000 calories, but you may need to consume only 1,800 a day to slim down. Although it may only seem like 200 calories, that is enough to keep a significant amount of weight on you. 

Calculate Correctly

Do the math to really figure out what you should be eating every day. Figure out how many calories your body needs to function and then set goals to eat 200 calories less than that number. You can help your self keep track by splitting up your meals and snacks into increments that add up to your total number. Just make sure you stick to your numbers, because even just an extra 100 calories can thrown off your weight loss.

Stay Active

Being active can mean different things to different people. Some people set aside time for the gym or to go on a run, while others just make sure they are on their feet, moving around the majority of the day. A step counter is a great way to gauge your activity. Ten thousand steps is what we all should be doing, but 12,000 is taking it to that next level where real weight loss is possible.

Keep Healthy Foods In Check

Even if you are eating healthy foods, you may still be eating too much of them. It is important to remember that foods that are nutritious may still be high in fat and calories. Make sure your portions are reasonable, and pay attention to the calories going into everything you are making.

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