How To Stop Being “Stuck” And Make A Change

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With the seemingly mundane tasks of daily life keeping quite a few people busy, it’s no wonder a feeling of being “stuck” can sometimes take over. Responsibility usually takes priority, and routine takes the wheel. So whether you feel stuck from the pressures of work, finances, family, friends, or the need to succeed, being stuck in a rut can actually work to your advantage. This might be the time to figure out the change you need, whether it’s internal or external. Perhaps you need a priority change or a perspective check. If you’re feeling down and stuck in the mud, here are a few ways to pick yourself back up.

Take risks. If things around you are feeling mundane and you’re somewhat comfortably stuck in your comfort zone, it might be time to step it up. Whether you decide it’s time to take work to the next level or your life to a new level of joy, taking a risk can be a good thing. Instead of keeping yourself in the box, try looking outside the box instead.

Lose the past. The past really can come back to haunt, so if you’re feeling stuck in the past or chained by past beliefs, it might be time to let go. Whether you need to forgive yourself or someone else, or drop the thoughts that are keeping you bound to past events, looking at the present and forward to the future can help you move on from things that limit you.

Change. Changing from the inside out means it might be time to mix it up. Change up your routine—try packing a new lunch, or go to a new restaurant. Check out new places, sights, and venues. Move your furniture, try a new hobby, change up your workout routine, or take a new route to work every day.

Allow the “stuck.” Make it okay to feel stuck, and let what you feel be acceptable to allow optimum transformation. Keep away the resistance to not allowing yourself to feel what you feel, and instead embrace your current state. Avoid being hard on yourself.

Inner calling. Have you embraced your inner calling? It’s easy to ignore the feelings of what you might actually want to do with your life—or something new you might want to try.

Move and play. Exercise is important, and heading to gym daily can help to boost your mood. But to focus on getting your energy flowing in a new way, try something different. Dance, tai chi, tennis, yoga, painting, or even trying new board games and activities at home with family and friends can make a difference. If you want to blow bubbles or chew bubble gum to embrace your inner child, these silly and playful activities might be just what you need to feel energized.

See what you’re ignoring. If you’re ignoring things that could help you improve, move forward, and get healthy, it might be time to check out these patterns. Whether you need to look at any relationships, habits, or things that are blocking you from your goals, paying attention to anything that is making you feel stuck can help you move forward toward what might be a much needed life change.

It’s important to see a health care professional if you feel as though any negative emotions or depression keep you from functioning normally. 


Always consult your chiropractor or primary care physician for all your health related advice.

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