How To Naturally Boost Your Energy Levels

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Some days you might find that it’s not always easy to stay alert or even awake. If you’re constantly fighting the urge to fall asleep at your desk, or stumbling over to the coffee maker every hour, you might need a few fresh ways to stay energized. Here some tips to keep you refreshed and revived during a long workday.

Yawn. Yes, it’s true. Although it might seem silly, “yawning is your body’s way of cooling down the brain, essentially waking it up,” says Andrew Gallup, PhD. Just try to resist letting out a big yawn until after your boss has left the room!

Move. According to a study in Personality and Social Psychology, you will feel energized for up to two hours after a simple 10-minute stroll. Take the time to walk throughout your day, whether you’re taking the stairs or walking to lunch.

Laugh. A great way to get a few giggles is to watch a funny video. With all of the cute and funny videos surfacing online, you can probably find one that will draw a laugh. According to Robert R. Provine, PhD, author of Laughter, laughing can lower blood pressure and boost your heart rate, which can energize you on a particularly sluggish day.

Dress in red. Oh yes, this bright color can actually give you a boost of energy. According to research from the University of Rochester, seeing red can actually cause your muscles to work harder and faster, especially when you really need it.

Eat chia seeds. Try these in yogurt or on cereal to get all the vitamins, protein, and fiber that these energy-boosting seeds have to offer.

Stretch. Stretching, especially if you are behind a desk all day, can help to wake you up, increase your energy levels, and increase flexibility while reducing muscle imbalances. Try standing in a doorway while holding the sides of the doorframe. Let your chest come forward and hold it for at least 30 seconds. According to Timothy McCall, MD, “this stretch stimulates the sympathetic nervous system, so it’s energizing for the body and mind.” It’s also important to exercise regularly, since exercise can boost your energy and mood tremendously.

Eat a healthy diet. Omega-3 fatty acids can help to improve your mood and cognitive health, so try a salmon salad for lunch to avoid a post-lunch drag. To keep your energy levels high, try snacking on nuts and dried fruit.

These tips might just help you to stay energized throughout the day, while also improving your mood, health, and overall wellness. 


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