How to Know What Anxiety Feels Like

stressAnxiety is thought of as a condition that is all in your head. If you are under stress or any type of pressure, then you can start to feel overwhelmed and anxious. This is when physical symptoms can begin to manifest. Usually it begins with rapid heartbeat, uncontrollable sweating and muscle tension. These symptoms are a response to the body preparing for an oncoming threat. When you believe that a threat is approaching, your body engages the heart, circulatory and muscular system so that you will be able to handle whatever is coming your way.

However, nowadays, we are not so much preparing for a hunt or battle, but instead stressing about expense reports and work presentations. These modern day problems bring on their own kind of anxiety. When you feel physical symptoms of anxiety frequently, then you may have an anxiety disorder. Below are some of the most common symptoms you should look out for.

Muscle Tension

Many people have a tendency to clench their jaw or tense up their bodies in their neck, back and shoulders during stressful situations. If you are experiencing anxiety all the time, then most likely you are tensing your body frequently throughout the day, probably without even knowing it. This can cause chronic aches and pains in these areas. 


Those with generalized anxiety disorder are usually worrying constantly throughout the day. These negative thoughts seem to race one after another, usually leading the individual to swell on the worst case scenario. With all this nonstop fretting going on it can lead to dizzy spells and headaches. The dizziness is caused by the rapid heart rate and increased body temp that worrying can bring on.

Digestion Issues

Along with your muscles, you stomach can also hold on to stress. The digestive problems can manifest itself by causing constipation, diarrhea or nausea. Living your daily life with stomach issues can be particularly difficult to handle, especially since the symptoms themselves can lead the individual to worry that they are experiencing a serious medical issue.


It is no surprise that it is hard to fall asleep when you have something on your mind. Not only that, but it is exhausting to constantly be worrying and stressed out about things all day, everyday. This causes an unhealthy cycle where you can’t fall asleep due to your anxiety, which only makes you even more tired throughout your day, where you already experience fatigue from the worrying. 

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