How Soda is Harmful to You


It isn’t a secret that soda is just plain not good for you. It is loaded with sugars, unnecessary calories, and an array of harmful chemicals. Sure, this is pretty much common knowledge, but it is important to be aware of exactly how soda is affecting different parts of our body, as well as our overall health.


Soda is harmful the second it hits our lips. Soda is full of acid and sugars that wear down tooth enamel. With the enamel wearing down, we are left at risk for tooth decay which can subsequently reach the root and the nerve. Once this happens the tooth could die, and if it is untreated an abscess can develop. 

Blood Sugar 

Soda causes a significant increase in blood sugar, as well as a spike in insulin which, in turn, causes the liver to turn that sugar into fat. Soda causes the adenosine receptors in your brain to shut down which stops you from getting sleepy, allowing for that “sugar high” soda so famous for. The consistent consumption of soda puts puts you at risk of developing type 2 diabetes.


Because soda contains phosphoric acids, constant consumption has been linked to a heightened risk of developing osteoporosis. When phosphorus leaves the body through urination, calcium goes with it. As we know, calcium is the most important mineral associated with bone strength and development.

Reproductive System

BPA, or bisphenyl-A is the chemical found in plastic water and soda bottles. BPA is highly cancerous, and can cause other issues such as premature puberty and reproductive abnormalities. A terrifying amount, 99.9 percent to be precise, of plastic bottles contain BPA. It’s important to note that even our water bottles contain this chemical, so be sure to look for BPA-free bottle labels, or switch to canteens and help save the earth! 


One of the organs soda is extremely detrimental to are the kidneys. Soda’s acidic properties are linked to renal issues and most commonly kidney stones. Interestingly enough, overweight caucasian males are actually the most susceptible to kidney stones.

The next time you are out to eat, or find yourself needing to quench your thirst go for water first and foremost. Water keeps you full, and helps control your eating, and won’t dehydrate you like the caffeine in soda will! 

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