Hobbies for Your Health

bowlingHere’s an idea: Having fun is actually healthy for you! Some hobbies are obviously healthy, such as playing sports or gardening, but there are other leisure activities you may want to consider adding to your life for both your physical and mental health. Here are a few hobbies that have some pretty incredible health benefits in addition to being fun!


OK, maybe Homer Simpson wasn’t a paragon of health and he was on a bowling team, but bowling is actually really good for you. You burn calories and work your core muscles when you bowl. It can help to improve your flexibility and balance too. Just make sure you steer clear of the snack bar at the bowling alley if you really want to reap the benefits.


Granny was onto something! Knitting and crocheting can help to lower your heart rate, blood pressure and reduce your stress levels. Crafts like knitting are also a great way to keep your brain stimulated and also encourage a social life. Plus, it helps prevent you from mindless snacking since your hands are busy stitching away.


Painting, and art in general, as therapy has been studied quite a bit. Those studies have shown painting to encourage goal-setting, self-expression, help you to focus on positivity and encourage an overall better mindset that encourages healing if you’re sick. Sounds like a great reason to pull out those paint brushes and channel your inner Picasso!

Playing Video Games

OK – so you may not want to show this to your teenage son or World of Warcraft-loving partner, but playing video games is actually good for you, especially the ones that stimulate you to get up and move. Video games have also been shown to increase cognitive function, distract from pain or discomfort, and encourage people to be more social.


Freelance writers are going to live forever! OK, perhaps not but creative writing and journaling have both been found to encourage people to set health goals. It can also help to boost your mood and reduce stress in your life. There are long-term benefits too, including lowering blood pressure, improving your sense of well-being and having fewer symptoms of depression. So, when in doubt, pick up your journal and write about it, even if you’re not Emily Dickinson!

Which of these hobbies do you participate in? Think you may be open to trying to something new to improve your overall health?

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