GMO Villain Buys Out Organic Superstar

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Annie’s, the very food company touting organic, environmentally positive, and non-GMO products was just purchased by the infamous GMO-labeler bigshot, General Mills.

So what does that mean for us?

According to Keely Fadrhonc, Annie’s senior marketing communications manager, nothing. “We are committed to transparency around the topic—we know that General Mills understands our commitment and importance of our position on this issue to preserve the authenticity of this brand.”

General Mills won’t push it, either– the spokeswoman for the GMO-labeler, Kirstie Foster, said that even though Annie’s has “always supported state-based [labeling] initiatives and General Mills has long opposed state-based labeling,” both would most likely prefer a solution to help all consumers, she said.

Though this sounds good on the surface, it’s clear the opponent now has the upperhand. The Environmental Working Group says that General Mills gave as much as $2 million to campaigns on the West Coast against labeling foods that carry GMOs. That being said, Foster says her company supports labeling products that don’t have GMOs.

Maria Rodale, who wrote Organic Manifesto, says that nearly all soybeans, corn, and cotton in the U.S. are now grown with GMO seeds, which offer dangerous levels of genetically modified chemicals so they can withstand extremely high doses of Roundup. Considering a study found that we’re even eating all this Roundup, that’s not good!

“These plants are exposed to heavy applications of the herbicide and survive—all the way to our tables,” Rodale confesses. And maybe you think it’s not a big problem as long as you’re not eating much soy– but that’s not exactly the case, she continues. “Soy is in everything, from Crisco to infant formula,” she says. What’s more, because of our current governmental policies, none of those products must be labeled as carrying GMOs!

Until GMO labels become the accepted norm, steer clear from any foods that you think might be seasoned with a little extra Roundup. 

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