Find Out What Is Causing Your Breakouts

skinWe all thought skin breakouts were something that would end as soon as our twenties did. Acne isn’t a condition you think about having to deal with in adulthood. It’s a high school and college problem, not something that follows us into our thirties, forties and beyond… right? Unfortunately, although some of us do tend to grow out of our skin blemishes, some people have to deal with it throughout adulthood as well. This can be quite frustrating, especially when you have no idea what is causing the pimples to pop up. This is why it is so important to understand your skin and the effects that different environmental factors can have on it. From diet to exercise, to where you live, your skin is affected  by it all. Below are a few ways your acne may actually tell you why it is showing up the way it is, and what you can do to finally wipe it out.

Acne Type: Acne on the chin and jawline area 

Reason #1: You might find that you are under a lot of stress. That stress can create a skin reaction in the form of zits, especially those that tend to accumulate around your chin and jaw area. This is due to the androgen hormone causing the oil glands to overproduce, often resulting in this chin acne. Try breathing exercises throughout the day to lower your anxiety levels and relieve a little stress.

Reason #2: Your diet may also be causing this type of breakout. If you find yourself eating way too many simple carbs, especially sugar, then you most likely have some red blemishes on your chin. The yeast in these foods can react with the hair follicles, causing the outbreaks. This is more of a food allergy than a skin problem, but it manifests itself all over your body, especially the chin. 

Acne Type: Zits and Whiteheads on the T-zone

Reason #1: The particle matter in air pollution may be the cause of breakouts along your T-zone (eyebrows, forehead, nose). The particles clog your pores, causing the little red bumps that seem to decorate your brow line. The whiteheads are also formed by this air pollution, but instead of particles its the noxious gas that reacts with your skin’s oils on a chemical level. The gas causes the oil to become more of wax, creating the whiteheads. 

Reason #2: The weather where you live may also be contributing to these types of skin breakouts. If you live somewhere hot and humid then the oil in your skin is going to start producing like crazy, causing the perfect habitat for the bacteria called P.acnes. Try using an oil-free face lotion in order to minimize the bacteria’s food source. 

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