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When it comes to keeping your head in the game, what if your head is already checked out?

Every year, an estimated 1.6 to 3.8 million sports-related brain injuries occur, a whopping 136,000 of which happen in young athletes while engaging in high school sports. As unfortunate as these stats may be, could chiropractic care provide a great way to reverse the effects of sports-related brain injuries today?

A 2011 study looked to evaluate the “management and outcome of a post-concussive headache and neck pain” taking place in a young athlete, including his immediate timetable for a return to play.

Using a 16-year-old high school male athlete, researchers brought him to a chiropractic clinic for an attempt at substantial pain relief. The boy had been complaining about persistent neck pain and frequent headaches stemming from a concussion that had occurred during a football match just five weeks before.

Expert chiropractors used “diversified-type cervical and thoracic manipulation” on the young man. By the end of the second treatment, he was feeling substantial relief already; by his fifth adjustment, which occurred just two weeks after his first, his pain symptoms were completely ameliorated. The athlete was soon allowed to resume playing football in limited fashion, and it took him only three months before he was able to make a full return to game day action.

In conclusion, chiropractic care for athletes suffering from concussion-inducing, sports-related injuries could provide nearly-immediate and certainly substantial symptom relief among the teenage male population.

With this in mind, what’s your reason for not seeing how chiropractic care could help you? After all, it’s time you made the right chiropractic choice starting today, and The Joint …the chiropractic place will make it easy. That’s because The Joint in Pooler is one chiropractor that’s always willing to customize their treatment to your body’s needs, and its welcoming Doctors of Chiropractic are ready to take you to the land of profound symptom relief and lasting health benefits. Not only that, but The Joint’s services don’t come at a steep cost, either, making them always worth the price of good health!

So stop by and get ready to embark on a chiropractic journey that’s worth your time, every time. Gentle hands and relaxing techniques will always keep you feeling good here at The Joint, and could just bring you symptom relief– just like the doctor ordered!


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