Choco-Lot: Why Eating More Of It Might Be A Surprising Weight-Loss Solution

The prevailing consensus is that greater chocolate consumption means a greater weight– but does the truth actually taste a whole lot sweeter?

Recent worldwide data gauging consumption rates of chocolate and obesity rates across 17 different countries found that where chocolate consumption is highest, obesity rates are actually lowest.

Such findings obviously aren’t claiming a causal effect between chocolate consumption and weight loss– but there certainly must be some reason why millions of people across the globe who eat more chocolate also enjoy being at healthier weights. Whatever the reason, these discoveries agree with previous research that shows “consistent chocolate consumption” is somehow linked with weight loss in young people and women.

Either way, chocolate-lovers can take solace in the fact that chocolate is by no means a “liability” to your weight-loss goals– and, in fact, may even help slim you down!

That certainly sounds good to me, as I’ve developed an affinity for chocolate in recent months. Just to show how much I love the stuff, each day before work I’ll grab a handful of dark chocolate kisses and toss them into a resealable baggie already filled with organic almonds, raspberries, and sometimes strawberries for an all-day snack-fest while I’m at my work desk that day.

From what I’ve found, eating healthy handfuls of food throughout the day helps to maintain my energy level while keeping my hunger level relatively calm; gone are the days when I’d succumb to a raging, irrepressible hunger pang and dive into two meals’ worth of caloric destiny at one of my favorite nearby restaurants (Red Robin), before finding myself sluggish and unfocused the rest of the afternoon. Also, I’ve found myself needing fewer mid-day naps since I swapped out my heavier-than-they-probably-should-be lunches for constant snack-fests instead.

Did such positive lifestyle changes occur all because of chocolate? Certainly not, as controlling my mealtime portion sizes and maintaining a constant stream of low-level energy intake has played an equal role in my work-day changes and coinciding improved workplace health.

That being said, chocolate certainly hasn’t hurt my health or general fitness goals. But keep in mind that dark chocolate is probably a tad better for you than milk chocolate, as it can even provide numerous health benefits to your body.


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