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Estimates put almost 300 million people across the globe as suffering from asthmatic symptoms, with the disease being responsible for nearly 180,000 deaths each year. While asthma continues to run rampant throughout our nation, the prevalence of both complementary and alternative medicines (CAM) among adult asthmatics sits at paltry numbers, while being used with greater frequency among children. From the numerous practitioner-situated CAM treatments currently available, chiropractic care is king; it continues to be the most commonly-used CAM therapy for both children and adults.

Authors of a recent study that looked to unveil the importance of chiropractic remedies in asthmatic patients aspired to the precise principles of evidential practices in the administration of chiropractic care for asthma sufferers. Current systematic reviews from uncovered literature begs the question of just how effective chiropractic can be for such debilitating respiratory symptoms. To relieve the uncertainty stemming from traditional medical practitioners on the topic of CAM, the authors conducted a systematic review of existing literature found on the chiropractic management of patients suffering from asthma.

Utilizing specific databases to complete the systematic review, the authors continually found numerous research designs, stemming from non-experimental to true experimental bodies of research, involving 3 randomized controlled clinical trials (RCTs), 7 cohort studies, 10 case reports, 3 case series, 3 survey studies, and numerous scientific commentaries. It was unveiled that there is at least some amount of evidence regarding the general effectiveness of chiropractic practices for patients suffering from asthma; furthermore, 3 separate RCTs showed suspect validity of feigned SMTs used, giving further merit to the proposed effectiveness of chiropractic therapy.

In conclusion, chiropractic techniques could provide an alternative and holistic care approach for patients suffering from asthma. Continued investigations pertaining to this conservative care technique for those suffering from asthma and its many respiratory symptoms should ultimately lead to higher-level design studies like randomized controlled clinical trials.

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