Chill Out The Right Way With These Breathing Exercises

breathingIt is a fact that we all need to relax more. Many people chill themselves out by having a drink or two after work, putting on their favorite television show or indulging in some mint chocolate chip ice cream. Yes, these are all good ways to take a load off, but these are not activities you would want to engage in every day. In order to successfully relax yourself you need to resort to healthier alternatives, such as your breathing.

Yes, the way you breathe can have a significant impact on how you feel. By learning the right way to implement a breathing technique into your life you will realize that you feel significantly better about yourself and life in general. Below are some of the best ways to de-stress by merely using the air you breathe.

Equal Breathing

This type of breathing helps calm the nervous system, create a more focused mind and reduce stress levels. It requires you to inhale and exhale all through your nose by counts of four. Breathing this way puts some resistance on the breath, which makes you work a little harder for it. If you get really good, you can try to get up to eight counts at a time. This specific technique is great to do right before bed, as it will help clear your mind and put you at ease.

Abdominal Breathing 

If you are someone who feels like your blood pressure is constantly on the rise due to your stress level, then this breathing technique is for you. It will slow down your heart rate, allowing you to calm down. By putting one hand on your chest and the other on your abdomen, take anywhere between six to ten deep breaths. You want to breathe in enough air to really fill up your lungs, ensuring a good stretch. Doing this breathing exercise on a regular basis for up to ten weeks should help drastically reduce stress.

Progressive Relaxation 

If you want a breathing technique that you can do literally anywhere, then this one is it. You can do this exercise in the car, at your desk or in your bed. It works by removing tension all over the body simply by tensing and relaxing every single muscle group from head to toe. You just have to make sure that you are taking slow, deep breathes the entire time you are flexing and unflexing your muscles. Focus on one end of your body and work your way down or up in order to maintain focus and concentration. Breathe in and hold your breath for up to five counts during the flexing, and then release the breath through the mouth. 

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