Carpal Tunnel Patients in Pooler Could Discover Relief With Chiropractic Care

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The symptom relief evident through chiropractic care can extend to any number of health conditions, varying from those as tiresome as temporomandibular joint pain and as groan-worthy as gastroesophageal reflux. Being aware of this, it should serve as no shock that chiropractic care has been linked with the improvement of plenty of other physical and mental health conditions, too, like infertility, whiplash and even Parkinson’s disease!

But there is good news: the medical world is finally beginning to take note of and celebrate the wellness benefits offered by this holistic alternative therapy technique. Perhaps this is because chiropractic care’s consistently-positive health conclusions can’t be rendered obsolete anymore within the medical spectrum.

Research compared the effectiveness of traditional medical care with chiropractic care for the therapeutic relief of carpal tunnel syndrome, using 91 patients reporting symptoms that were confirmed by clinical evaluation.

Interventions such as ibuprofen, as well as nocturnal chiropractic wrist supports, were utilized for patient treatment. Chiropractic care involved soft tissue and bony joint manipulations along the upper extremities, as well as the spine. Three chiropractic treatments were administered each week for the first two weeks, before two treatments were administered each week for the three weeks following and then one treatment during the fourth week.

The primary outcomes involved pre- and post- self-assessments regarding both physical and mental distress, as well as nerve conduction state and vibrometry. Substantial improvements were evidenced in perceived function and comfort, as well as nerve conduction and finger sensation. Aside from the fact that ibuprofen costs are greater than long-term chiropractic costs and ibuprofen has a slew of potentially-harmful side effects, no major differences were witnessed between treatment groups in the effectiveness of either approach.

In conclusion, carpal tunnel syndrome linked with median nerve demyelination could experience substantial relief when treated with frequently-used chiropractic care techniques.

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