Aloe Vera: Your New Best Friend

Aloe Vera

Kind of sticky, usually comes in a green or clear jelly. Aloe is an amazing gel that helps soothe and heal painful burns, but it is so much more than that!

If you didn’t know already, Aloe Vera is a plant. Its main usage comes from being the gel that you are able to extract from its leaves. It is often called the healing plant, the miracle plant, or the burn plant. Aloe vera, when included in foods and juices, provides an abundance of amino and fatty acids, which are the building blocks of protein. Aloe also includes nutrients like Vitamins A, C, and E, as well as choline, and B1, B2, and B6. 

Aloe can also help with digestion issues and is widely used in detoxing. It is often helpful in clearing out toxins found in the digestion system.  The plant is high in alkaline, and helps to alkalize the body so that diseases and germs cannot manifest inside it. That, in itself, is quite amazing. Aloe is also beneficial to our cardiovascular health, aiding in circulation, blood pressure regulation, and lowering cholesterol. 

Have these benefits intrigued you at all? There are even more! You can use the gel on household burns or sunburns. The plant can even be used to clean bacteria off of your fruits and veggies, which is great, especially if you buy organic! Aloe has also been shown to relieve constipation, so don’t be shy about using the gel to give yourself that little extra push. The gel from the plant has also been shown to be an effective alternative to mouthwash; it can reduce gum bleeding or swelling, as well as prevent plaque buildup. 

You can pick up an aloe plant at any local plant nursery. Once you own one, you can extract the gel yourself and utilize it for one of its many purposes. Aloe juice can be made at home by  extracting a few teaspoons of the gel and blending it with a citrus-based juice such as grapefruit juice or orange juice.

The aloe plant is not only beneficial to your health, but aesthetically pleasing. Maybe you’d just like the rich green plant as a decoration in your office, giving it a tropical look? That’s a great reason to get an aloe plant as well! Either way this little miracle plant can provide you and your family with a lot of great at-home health benefits and home remedies. 

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