Advantages of Running Are Too Many to Ignore


When beginning an exercise routine, many individuals decide to opt out of running as a part of their cardio workout. Many people would prefer stairs, ellipticals, or biking instead of running which is understandable as running can often be a difficult exercise for your body and lungs to adapt to.

However, running is one of the most beneficial cardio workouts we can participate in, and offers a plethora of health benefits such as: 

Weight Loss

Of course running aids in weight loss, but it can burn as much as 800 calories per hour. The motion of running causes your fat to move up and down, which allows your body to actually break down the fat. You’ll quite literally be shedding pounds. 

Immunity Booster 

Once you begin running consistently, you’ll notice that your body’s immune system is much stronger. You’re less susceptible to catching colds, or running a fever. 

Strong Mind

Running releases chemicals known as endorphins, causing you to feel happier. The satisfying act of running also helps to build personal confidence, which in turn allows you to lead an overall happier lifestyle. 

Heart Health 

Because running is such a vigorous cardio workout, your overall heart health does indeed improve. This includes getting those arteries pumping, which helps to lower your blood pressure. 

Lung Health 

Consistent running helps reduce symptoms of asthma because it helps to strengthen your bronchi and lungs. 

Bone and Joint Health

Running helps to build your bone density over time. This is because the stress running puts on your bones causes the body to send the minerals to help strengthen them. Running strengthens your joints as well, which reduces potential injury of the hips, knees, and ankles. 

Although running may seem like a daunting exercise, once you get into it, it can be one of the most addicting workouts in your weight loss repertoire. To make running easier, many individuals begin by running in 1- to 2-minute minute to 2 minute intervals and then walking for 30 seconds to a minute. This tends to be the most effective way to build your stamina. You can also start by lightly jogging during those intervals and then progress to fast paced running, or even sprints. The thing about running is that it really is one of those workouts that’s for everyone. With effective interval training, persistence, and consistency you too can become an active runner!   

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