3 Things You Should Consume To Lower Your Risk Of Prostate Cancer


Men, listen up: an unhealthy prostate can be one poor dietary choice away. Second to only skin cancer, prostate cancer is surprisingly the biggest cancer killer in American men today, indicates Cancer.org. A sizable one in seven men become diagnosed with the virulent prostate cancer during his lifetime. But luckily, what a man eats can play a huge role in prevention against this dangerous cancer.

Take a look at three healthy foods that could lower your risk for prostate cancer below:

#1: Tomatoes

A diet consisting of tons o’ tomatoes have garnered a fair amount of attention among people who want to keep their prostate health intact– and considering that eating just 10 portions of tomatoes each week lowers your risk for prostate cancer by a sizable 18 percent, you can see why, indicates research from the University of Bristol.

This research included both the fruit itself, as well as tomato juice– in fact, even baked beans cooked in a tomato base yielded prostate-protection results.

#2: Soy

Soy products are frequently ridiculed for their involvement in lowering testosterone— but this risk should be balanced against your personal risk for developing prostate cancer, says a study found in the journal Nutrition and Cancer. In the study, it was found that, because testosterone-lowering foods are understood to slow prostate cell growth, soy is something to balance into your daily diet.

The study examined men who’d been administered radiation therapy for prostate issues but still had their prostate-specific antigen (PSA) increase. Those who have prostate cancer carry greater levels of PSA. What they concluded was that consuming soy milk slowed down the rise of PSA.

#3: Green Tea

Green tea is filled with antioxidant-holding polyphenols, and can also be relied upon as a phenomenal cancer fighter. It both helps ward off cell oxidation, as well as stop cancer cells from spreading by encouraging normal cell death, indicates research out of Case Western University.

The researchers realized that green tea is a great preventative food, because it provides benefits for people experiencing treatment for prostate cancer and some others.

Always remember to consult your physician or chiropractor before taking any health advice.

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