10 Healthy Foods We Hated as Kids but (Maybe) Love Now


You might vaguely recall absolutely dreading dinner time because it meant choking down whatever icky vegetable or “mystery meat” your parents insisted on cooking. However there was no way you would be getting any ice cream or cookies without eating the healthy part of your dinner first.

In college, you might have been like me, and went a little crazy in the cafeteria eating strictly carbs and junk food, and then suffering through hemorrhoids and constant colds. Once we got a little older and a little wiser, we began to implement those health foods we once dreaded eating as children. Here are ten of those foods that we love to eat as adults!


Maybe not the first food that comes to mind on a list such as this. Our parents always insisted on sticking an apple in our lunch. No wonder we gave apples to our teachers, no one would trade a cookie for an apple! However, as adults we realized apples were a delicious source of fiber and ursolic acid. Rich in nutrients and natural sugars, apples are a favorite part of our adult diet.

Lima Beans

Remember when you dreaded seeing that little green kidney shaped bean on your plate? Now we know lima beans, or butter beans, are a great source of protein and contain no cholesterol. 


Broccoli has always gotten a bad rap, however raw broccoli is rich in fiber and packed with as much Vitamin C as an orange.  

Brussel Sprouts  

Brussel sprouts were simply gross as a kid. Today, we know how to spruce up these sprouts with creative recipes (they can take on the taste of what they’re cooked with) and they have become a favorite dish of ours!


Cauliflower, or the white broccoli as I used to call it, is extremely low in calories and eating a half cup of this once hated vegetable gives you your daily recommended intake of Vitamin C. 


We used to giggle at the fact that asparagus made your pee smell bad, but actually asparagus is rich in folic acid as well as Vitamins A, B, and K. This vegetable can help fend off diabetes. 

Green Beans

I used to try and feed green beans to my dogs, however they’re one of my favorite side dishes now. Green beans are rich in B vitamins and are a nutrient-rich, low-calorie snack.  


I used to pick all the mushrooms off of my pizza, now I consider them the chicken of the vegetable family. They are a superfood that when eaten often, helps build cancer-fighting and immunity boosting metabolites. 

Beets (beetroot)

You might have been convinced that your Mom hated you when she’d serve beets with dinner, but this root is abundant in iron, calcium, and Vitamins A and C.


They tried to use Popeye the Sailor Man to get us to eat spinach, but most of us weren’t buying it. Now that we’re about as old as Popeye, we know that spinach is wealthy with necessary folic acids. And, it goes great with olive oil (get it, Popeye and Olive Oyl?). Sorry, I couldn’t resist. But I yam what I yam.  

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