How Healthy is Your Home?

You do your best to eat right and exercise, but you may be hurting your health in ways you don’t even know about. The products you keep in your home as well as the things you use to clean it can be unhealthy for you. Here are some of the biggest dangers that may be […]

How to Fight Fair

The world would be a great place if people didn’t fight – but that simply isn’t going to happen. It can be with your significant other, your child or even your boss – everyone has disagreements and most people don’t know how to navigate them appropriately. Here are some tips you need to know to […]

Not Just for Burns: Surprising Uses for Aloe

Everyone knows that aloe vera is good for burns. In fact, it’s been used for thousands of years in cultures in every corner of the globe for medicine. Today, people use aloe in cosmetics, lotions, ointments and sunburn remedies. But aloe is better for far more than just the health of your skin. Here are […]

The Health Benefits of Herbs and Spices

Herbs and spices are more than something you use to zest up a recipe in your kitchen, they’re also a key ingredient to your fight to stay healthy. For centuries, certain herbs and spices have been celebrated by different cultures for their use as medicines before anyone ever used them for flavor. Here are a […]

Why You Should Wash Your Fruits and Vegetables

There’s no doubt that eating a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables is the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle. But shopping for fresh produce means you have to deal with something dangerous – pesticide residue. Unless you buy organic, fresh vegetables and fruits will contain some traces of pesticides. Here are the fruits and […]

Hobbies for Your Health

Here’s an idea: Having fun is actually healthy for you! Some hobbies are obviously healthy, such as playing sports or gardening, but there are other leisure activities you may want to consider adding to your life for both your physical and mental health. Here are a few hobbies that have some pretty incredible health benefits […]

Take Advantage of Warmer Weather!

Many people get excited about summer, and for good reason. Just as with any other season there are some things you should be doing to get the most out summer health-wise. Here a few tips to make this the healthiest summer you’ve ever had! Bust Out the Berries Berry season is here, which is cause […]

What You May Not Know About Vitamins

Remember those chewable Flintstones Vitamins? It was so easy to get everything you need in just that one little chewable tablet. As with most things, vitamins get a little more complicated as you get older. It’s not just as easy as taking a pill a day, you have to know the rules around different vitamins […]